Eco-Friendly Disposal

At Take Out Trash Junk Removal Service, responsible disposal is a top priority.  All of the junk and debris will be either recycled, donated (if possible) or disposed of at a designated disposal facility, including electronic waste, you can Contact TechWaste Recycling to dispose off your computers, workstations, servers and other electronics in a responsible manner.

WE RECYCLE! Computer Recycling Service
We are very committed and able to recycle a variety of items. It’s important that you always select a junk removal company that is committed to being ecologically responsible.

Here are some items that we commonly recycle:

  • General Home Junk Recycling (light bulbs, old Books, newspaper, cardboard etc.)
  • Yard Waste Recycling (tree clippings, grass, branches)
  • Construction Waste Recycling (lumber, asphalt, siding, roof tile and materials, carpeting etc.)
  • Metal Waste Recycling (aluminum, copper, iron, steel etc.)

  • Technology Waste Recycling (computers, monitors, televisions, radios etc.)
  • Building Demolition Waste Recycling (concrete, asphalt, drywall, carpet, lumber etc.)
  • Office Waste Recycling with the document destruction Melbourne (paper, cubical walls, chairs, phonebooks etc.)
  • Appliance Recycling (refrigerators, stoves,  ovens, freezers etc.)


Individuals that are not involved in the junk removal service industry often do not realize how much of their old stuff really is recyclable. A responsible junk removal service such as ours will be able to explain that a large portion of your debris that many companies take to the landfill, could actually be recycled.  With the world’s population steadily rising, we simply cannot afford to skip the important step of recycling. Thank you for caring about responsible junk removal and recycling as much as we do.