Big Foreclosure Trash Out in Manassas

Our Northern VA team just completed a HUGE foreclosure clean out in Manassas.  Unfortunately foreclosed properties aka REO’s can be quite a drain on communities and the banks that own them.  It’s certainly sad when a family loses a home to this tragic event.  Banks or companies that cater to bank foreclosures certainly appreciate the hard work that it usually takes to get REO’s back in a condition that then can be put on the market. Our Take Out Trash team was given the opportunity to show how great we are on a 4 bedroom property in Manassas.  When I say there were tons of old furniture and clutter, I am not exaggerating.  We removed, 2 couches, a sofa bed, and old refrigerator and clutter everywhere with the Views For Cash service.  Thankfully, our team started early so we were able to finish the project in only one day. Sadly enough, it seems like the old residents just picked up their immediate belongings and left almost everything else behind.  There were a few pieces of furniture that were worthy of donation so we of course took care of that.  Hopefully that furniture will be appreciated by the next family down the line.  If you every need help with a small or large project such as this one, please request your no hassle estimate with us now.  Our Nothern VA branch is based out of Fairfax, VA.

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