Protecting Our Environment

Take Out Trash – Greener Than You Think

Author: Alfred Jones

  • We recycle. We at Take Out Trash  know oftentimes that some debris removal companies are not exactly famous for being concerned about the state of the environment.  They often do not take adequate care whatsoever about the methods that they dispose of the clutter they haul from people’s homes and businesses. At Take Out Trash, we go the extra mile to be a little different from the norm by doing our fair share to help keep our environment as pristine as possible. Here’s what we do in order to help keep things green. The number one motto that we work by when sorting through junk is to recycle anything that can possibly be recycled. So, while others may be content with recycling little to nothing at all, we proudly recycle paper, plastics, metal, and electronics. Less items in a landfill means more space for nature, and less of a need to unnecessarily consume materials like wood, metals, and oil.
  • We believe in the power of donation. Donating usable goods to charity is something that we at Take Out Trash take great pride in. When we find usable goods that could be accepted by organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, we make sure that they are cleaned and donated right away. Not only does this keep stuff out of landfills, but it also helps generate good karma. There are many needy families who are happy to receive the stuff that our clients no longer need or want, so why not make it happen?
  • Responsible disposal is a key ingredient. Part of the biggest issues with debris disposal is that many refuse removal service companies don’t properly get rid of their waste. They may simply plop recyclable or reusable items in a landfill, or even toss out items that could potentially pose a risk to human health if not properly disposed of. With some of the terrible messes that can occur by not disposing of items responsibly, we at Take Out Trash believe that it is nothing short of criminal to not take a little bit of extra time to sort through excess waste.



Sure, there are other companies out there, but do any of our competitors take the time and make the necessary effort to keep our environment as clean as possible? It’s not only a matter of making sure that the environment will stay in decent condition for our kids – at Take Out Trash, we view it as a moral obligation. If you think about it, throwing away good material or good items is actually pretty wrong due to the fact that there are others out there who might really need it. That’s why we work to make sure that the junk that we remove has the best chance it can get at being someone else’s treasure.

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