kissimmee whole home junk removal

Take Out Trash of Orlando, FL has saved another Kissimmee resident a LOT of time and energy.  Tom owns a few rental homes in Kissimmee and to this point, has had excellent luck with his tenants.  Unfortunately this time, he really got stuck with a mess.  With zero notice, his renters decided to move out of the country and left him will a lot of their old junk.  There was a bunch of old furniture, 2 old school big screen tv’s & even an old (broken) hot tub in the backyard.  When he realized his renter’s were gone for good, he made a few calls and requested an estimate from us online. According to Tom, we were the 1st company that called him back and he was happy we did.  Our Orlando team came in and got rid of everything that Tom needed gone.  Problem solved and we hope that we have won over yet another great Orlando area resident!

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