Clutter Removal Success Stories

Just a Few of Our Recent Success Stories…

  • We made Maria’s day today! Our Birmingham, AL branch relayed a very good story about a mom who desperately wanted her husband to clean out his old workshop so she could start a business.  Well to make a long story short, her husband called us to come out and take care of the clean-out without her knowing.  While she was out to lunch, our junk removal pros came in and removed everything from old cabinets to a rusty old brake resurfacing tool. (heavy one) By the time Maria came home, our crew had swept up and left the area looking GREAT.  Needless to say, it was a big enough deal to have Maria follow up with a thank you call to us for the great job! Hopefully we can help again in the future!

  • What a Surprise! Once in a while, we come across situations and stories that make us realize how important our work as a debris disposal service can be. Recently, we had gotten a call from a very upset man by the name of Leon who recently had to deal with his father’s passing on. His father generously left him his childhood home, along with everything in it. Unfortunately, this meant that there would have to be a major cleanup endeavor, since his father’s attic was notorious for housing all sorts of junk that really had little to no use or meaning to anyone.

    Believe us when we say that his father’s attic was quite possibly the largest we had ever seen. We weren’t surprised to hear that poor Leon was having a major problem when it came to getting reasonable quotes from other junk service companies in the area. He had to clean out the attic in order to do what he had to do with the house, but it was proving to be an impossible task with the prices that people had set out. By the time he had contacted our local team, he was desperate and distraught.

    After having seen the actual attic, Take Out Trash was able to offer him a junk quote that was actually reasonable (unlike the competition that he spoke with before). This alone was a huge burden lifted off Leon’s shoulders, but what happened next was beyond amazing.

    The attic was filled to the brim with things that were definitely useless by most peoples’ perspectives – broken furniture, obsolete computer parts, and debris from various woodworking projects. However, one of our staff members found a small wooden box that looked a little more important than the rest of the stuff in the attic. We approached him with the box, and his eyes immediately filled up with tears. Apparently, what we found was a childhood box filled with photos, knickknacks, and mementos of days that he spent with his father. Of course, we didn’t throw out that box.

    It’s really amazing what happens when you find long lost goods, and sometimes, a company like ours that takes the time to double check with a homeowner can do a lot more than just clear out an attic. Sometimes, the right junk recycling service can help a homeowner find items that they thought were lost to time – including some very special memories.

  • Helping Local Artist.  Alex is a local artist and hobbyist blacksmith who recently received the money he needed in order to open up his own art shop business across town. With the new money, he was able to buy brand new metal-smithing supplies, which meant that the little shop he set up in his garage was no longer necessary. “Truth be told,” he explained to us, “half of the stuff in that garage isn’t even really that safe to use.” He was more than happy to get rid of it.
    The problem, of course, is that it takes one very dedicated company to go into an artist’s workshop and remove all the old equipment there. Metalworking takes loads of heavy equipment, much of which needs to be handled and disposed of with care. Even though we thought it would be a relatively hard task to accomplish, our excellent teams were able to handle it. We gave him a quote, which promptly was accepted.
    Both Alex and our staff at Take Out Trash seemed to be pretty pleasantly surprised at how simple and easy the task was. It didn’t take more than a couple of hours in total, and our team was even able to give the shop a light sweeping due to all the metal debris left on the floor throughout the years.
    The act of taking the items out of his workshop wasn’t too big of a deal – at least not for people who are used to heavy lifting and the use of equipment to remove them. (that’s all we do) On the other hand, disposal, we felt, was probably going to be an issue. Alex was quite surprised to find out how much of the goods that needed to be removed were recyclable, and honestly, we were pretty shocked too. With almost all the broken equipment being recyclable, only one or two large items had to be taken to the dump. Everything else was given a home via a nonprofit organization.
    By the end of the day, everyone had felt good about how well things went. Alex’s old supplies would be recycled into much-needed metal goods, saving the environment. Alex saved a ton of money on a junk removal service call that would have normally cost hundreds of dollars more. And, we just felt good having done a great day’s work in a short amount of time. It really was a win-win situation.

  • A sale saver!  Unfortunately over the last few years at Take Out Trash, we have been very busy helping banks and Realty companies and banks clean out their REO / Foreclosed homes.  One day our northern team in Atlanta received a call from a local Realtor named Leslie and it was apparent that she was quite stressed.  Leslie was in charge of coordinating the junk clean-out for a home that she had listed and now had a couple interested in a quick sale. This foreclosed home was the was being sold to a couple that had to move in extremely fast for some unknown reason.  Regardless, the refuse removal company that Leslie originally contacted for the job had delayed doing the work twice and was also attempting to renegotiate the agreed upon price.  Needless to say, she was quite unhappy.  After she requested how estimate on our site, we ended up meeting her at the abandoned home.  WOW, there was a TON of debris but it was something that we could handle in one day.   We actually had left our schedule open that in anticipation of doing the work.  She was very happy with our price (actually less expensive than the other company) and she was VERY pleasantly surprised that we were able to get the entire home cleaned out that day!  After many truckloads, all that the home needed to be moved into was a good cleaning.  Leslie was extremely happy that she could continue to the next stage of the closing process.

    Although our team worked late into the evening on this one, it was certainly worth it because the home was one step closer to being sold.  Leslie ended up using us for many more junk removal tasks down the road. Thank you again Leslie!

  • Large Hoarder Home Clean-out.  Jeremy was in one of the worst and strangest predicaments we had heard of in a long time. The son of two wealthy executives, Jeremy recently inherited his parents’ home after hearing the bad news. The sprawling 10-room home was impressive to look at, and this normally would be a major boon for anyone to enjoy, however there was one major problem.
    From our understanding, Jeremy’s mother had passed away quite some time ago, leaving his father traumatized to the point of becoming a compulsive hoarder. The entire home was literally stacked with feet upon feet of Junk and garbage that had no use whatsoever, and served only to clutter the home. It came as no surprise to us to hear that the quotes that local trash removal companies offered were astronomical, and definitely out of budget for someone who just had to pay a large sum for a funeral. Looking at all the stacks of ancient newspapers, food wrappers, and debris around the house, we totally understood why poor Jeremy was feeling as desperate and as hopeless as he was.
    By the time that Jeremy had called us, he was almost 100% sure that he would have to do half of the work himself if not more – and that would have been way too emotionally painful for him to handle. He was even getting ready to place up ads for volunteers on Facebook. However, we did something no one else in the junk removal service industry did.
    We gave him a reasonable quote.
    Granted, even for us, it was a very tough job to complete, but the fact that we actually made it affordable for him to hire a service made his month a lot easier. After two full days of work, we were able to clear out the entire house. Looking back, we were shocked that it took as little as it did. However, by the end of our work, we were able to recycle quite a bit of debris, donate several major furniture pieces to Goodwill, and also just clear out the air in the home.
    We were stunned at how much room was in this home, and Jeremy even mentioned that it “looked just like how it used to when mom was alive.” Now, we weren’t sure whether it was just some lingering dust from his father’s old attic, or if it was the fact that our simple team just lifted a massive weight off of Jeremy’s shoulders, but some of us found our eyes getting a little watery at the end of this job.