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Take-Out Trash is your hometown junk and debris removal company. We offer truly affordable and reliable service in your area. Please enter your zip code above so that we can provide you with a FREE NO-HASSLE ESTIMATE right now. Let Take-Out Trash take care of that mess so that you can do something more important. Whether is tending to other business or relaxing at the pool, we’re sure that you can find something better to do than cleaning up that room full of clutter.

Take Out Trash Offers:Junk removal service before and after.

  • Large service areas & many service locations nationally
  • We provide quick / free up-front estimates right now
  • Responsible disposal of waste and excess debris
  • Recycling is always our first priority
  • Friendly uniformed staff
  • Always A+ customer service
  • Excellent competitive pricing
  • No job is too big or too small for us

Take Out Trash continues to help keep America junk and clutter free. We offer affordable debris removal services in many suburban and metropolitan areas everywhere.  Some of our busiest locations include: Albany, Atlanta, Birmingham, Boston, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Fairfax, Greensboro, Houston, Hudson Valley, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Miami, Nashville, Orange County CA , Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, San Antonio, Sarasota, Syracuse, Tallahassee, Tampa, and West Palm Beach.

Take Out Trash can recycle, donate or dispose of almost anything.In addition to standard home debris removal, your local Take Out Trash branch can help you with a wide variety of tasks.  If you ever have any out of the ordinary situations, please do not hesitate to send us the details when you request your up-front estimate.  

Some of our most common calls that we routinely receive include:
 home & office furniture disposal, appliance recycling & disposal, construction & building waste disposal, hot tub removal, garage clean outs, basement clean outs, post eviction home clean outs, office clutter removal, yard & landscape waste disposal, mattress disposal, technology equipment recycling (old computers, monitors etc.), flood & storm damage clean up, demolished shed or structure debris disposal, large television removal & disposal, and foreclosed home clean outs (a.k.a REO or Bank Owned Real Estate Trash Outs).

Essentially we are happy to help anytime that you need something removed, discarded, disposed of, trashed, donated or recycled.


May02 Take OUt Trash expands their junk removal area in Dallas, TX

Dallas Junk Service Area Expands

Take Out Trash announces service area expansion to it's Dallas, TX branch.   That's correct, due to the demand needs in the area w....

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Mar03 space_junk_removal_company_need

We Cannot Get Away From Junk

Yes, we have junk and debris everywhere.  There is even junk and debris in space that we can't seem to get away from. Unfortunatel....

by Take Out Trash Junk Removal / with 0 comments

Feb29 Take Out Trash of North Atlanta now offers low cost dumpster rental options.

Atlanta Take Out Trash offers dumpster rental

Take Out Trash of North Atlanta now offers low cost dumpster rental.  You asked for it so now we are offering mor....

by Take Out Trash Junk Removal / with 0 comments

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Super Excited

I am really happy to finally get that storage shed gone. Thanks to the team that came out to my home...


Thanks Takeout...You are the best. They got rid of all my old deck debris yesterday and I finally have...

Helped me a bunch to empty my office space. I'd use them again.

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Protecting Our Environment

Take Out Trash – Greener Than You Think

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  • We recycle. We at Take Out Trash  know oftentimes that some debris removal companies are not exactly famous for being concerned about the state of the environment.  They often do not take adequate care whatsoever about the methods that they dispose of the clutter they haul from people’s homes and businesses. At Take Out Trash, we go the extra mile to be a little different from the norm by doing our fair share to help keep our environment as pristine as possible. Here’s what we do in order to help keep things green. The number one motto that we work by when sorting through junk is to recycle anything that can possibly be recycled. So, while others may be content with recycling little to nothing at all, we proudly recycle paper, plastics, metal, and electronics. Less items in a landfill means more space for nature, and less o..

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  • We made Maria’s day today! Our Birmingham, AL branch relayed a very good story about a mom who desperately wanted her husband to clean out his old workshop so she could start a busines..
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  • What a Surprise! Once in a while, we come across situations and stories that make us realize how important our work as a debris disposal service can be. Re..
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  • Helping Local Artist.  Alex is a local artist and hobbyist blacksmith who recently received the money he needed in order to open up his own art shop business across town. With the new money..
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  • A sale saver!  Unfortunately over the last few years at Take Out Trash, we have been very busy helping banks and Realty companies and banks clean out their REO / Foreclosed homes.  One day..
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